2021 Specialized Stumpjumper Overview (Sample Article)

2021 Stumpjumper. Image courtesy of Specialized.com.au

Ever since Specialized released their first Stumpjumper in 1981 they’ve been at the forefront of the “trail category.” The ever popular Stumpjumper is now available with a revised model layout, 6 different bikes designed to target entry level downcountry riders to hardcore enduro heroes. The now 40 year old stumpjumper might look completely different to the original models, but we can confirm that the “Big S” knows how to make a bike that rips.


Specialized offers the Stumpjumper in alloy and carbon models and continues to offer the “evo” models for those desiring a bit more suspension travel and increased capability on the descents. The traditional stumpy features 130mm travel delivered from either an X-Fusion 02 shock or a custom tuned DPS performance shock from Fox while the Evo models receive the 150mm custom-tuned DPS Fox shocks.

The new sizing makes life easy for riders, solving the age old issue of “too big for a medium but too small for a large.” Specialized feature a helpful article on their website for more info regarding this.

Surprisingly the guys have ditched the long-running Horst Link in favour of a single-pivot layout, so time will tell if that was a good move.

Of course, the new Stumpy still features the crowd favourites such as SWAT, threaded BBs and plenty of room for a bottle inside the frame. Claimed frame weight is 2,240 grams including shock and hardware, coming in at 100g lighter with the new side-tube set-up.


As expected, all 2021 models feature 29" wheels only, with Specialized phasing out the 27.5 size in favour of faster rolling capability and improved clearance whilst maintaining a sensibily low BB height to and adjustable head angle thanks to that interesting “flip-chip” technology and adjustable headset cups which we recently posted an article on here.

A 65 degree head angle, 76.5 degree seat tube angle and 455mm (medium) reach figure combine to give the ultimate trail bike the capability to climb like a mountain goat and descend like an enduro weapon. Of course on the Evo models those numbers change slightly; 63–65.5 degree head angle, 78 degree seat tube angle and 448mm reach give the Evo that point and shoot vibe.

As mentioned, the standard models feature 130mm rear travel and pair with a 140mm fork, whilst the Evo model receives 150mm rear travel and 160mm up front.


With mountain bike prices climbing higher and higher in recent years, it’s refreshing to see some companies putting a lot of thought into the lower spec models that allow new riders to acheive a good balance of value for money and quality componentry that can be trusted. Specialized has always featured a lot of in high quality in-house components on their models and that has allowed them to keep the price down on the entry level alloy to $3,200 aud with the comp model coming in at $5,100 aud.

Carbon models start at $7,000 aud for the carbon comp, an expert model for $9,500, the pro carbon coming in at $12,700 aud and the flagship S-works for $16,400 aud. Of course the 2,240g S-works frame can be purchased separately for $5,100. Whilst the price of the S-works model can be a tad off-putting for some, it should be noted that we are seeing a lot of bike manufacturers offer the top-tier models for similar prices.


Specialized has once again hit the nail on the head with the Stumpjumper, but I don’t think anyone is surprised by that. With 40 years’ experience it’s easy to see the Big S continuing to pioneer the charge for the “perfect do it all bike.” With adjustable geometry, light weight frames and a versatile range of standard and Evo models, the Stumpjumper should be high up on your list when it comes time to choose your next ride.



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