3 Reasons your Business will Succeed

It’s within you. We can all see it.

Jack van Tricht
2 min readApr 7, 2021



So often we are our own worst critics. We create something, and it doesn’t look or operate exactly how we think and so we bin the whole thing. But even if only 30% of what you have is usable, you should save it.

If you want to know something weird about me, and about my wife, we both have issues showing each other our work. On our marriage day we both committed to being each others cheer squad, yet showing our spouse our deepest, most heartfelt passions and projects is still scary.

But here are 3 reasons why you should burst out of that cage of self-doubt you’ve trapped yourself in.

  1. Your colleagues, friends and family all believe you can do it. Go and ask them for feedback. I bet you it’s mostly positive. Sometimes we just need somebody to look at something objectively because we’re just so stuck in looking at it through our own negative lens. Take the plunge, print it out, email it, physically create it, and then present it to people close to you. You’ll know for sure then if it really does suck (which it likely doesn’t.)
  2. You’re running out of time. You’ll never again have the opportunities you have now to create the things you’re capable of. You may be wiser in the future, but you have to get there, and wise, future you would tell you to start as early as possible. So get stuck in to it, today. Small steps lead to giant leaps.
  3. Your point of difference is You! I can’t make that any clearer, or maybe I can:

Your point of difference is you!

So often people feel deflated after reading about ‘flooded’ industries and people telling them that ‘everyone is already on that trend.’ This is only true to a certain degree, because everyone knows something that someone else does not. Your personal experience is your point of difference. Your determination and hustle is your point of difference. If it’s going to satisfy a desire, or answer a question, who the hell cares how many people are doing it. Get out there and have a go.

I read the coolest quote from Commoners Communion the other day:

Cynicism is a spectator sport. Get in the game.

How bloody cool is that. So many people need to hear that. Only take advice from people who are currently in the industry you desire to break into. Be wary if they tell you not to enter it, they’re usually either afraid of the competition or not as passionate as you.

So I believe in you. Others believe in you. Start now. Try it even when others say don’t.

You will succeed.



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